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MSD Black Ignition Kit Digital 6AL/Distributor/Wires/Coil Chrysler 413-440 RB

MSD Black Ignition Kit Digital 6AL/Distributor/Wires/Coil Chrysler 413-440 RB
MSD Black Ignition Kit Digital 6AL/Distributor/Wires/Coil Chrysler 413-440 RB

MSD Black Ignition Kit Digital 6AL/Distributor/Wires/Coil Chrysler 413-440 RB
MSD Black Ignition Kit Digital 6AL/Distributor/Wires/Coil - Chrysler 413-440 RB. This listing is for a COMPLETE MSD Ignition System for your. Big block 413/426 Wedge/440 Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge!

SK Speed Part # M4690073. Included is an MSD Digital 6A-L Ignition Box (64253), Pro-Billet Distributor (85463), 8.5mm Super Conductor Wire Set (32733), Blaster 2 Ignition Coil (8222), and an MSD Coil bracket (8213).

We've put together a complete kit to take the guess work out of choosing the right components for your performance big block Chrysler 413-440 engine. This will not work with 383-400 engines. Please check out our other listing for that kit. Digital 6AL Ignition Box - Part #64253.

MSD started with a clean slate and drew up plans for an all new housing. They kept the same footprint as the traditional 6AL but lowered the profile for a sleek look.

The wiring is all routed out one end of the unit through a sealed and locking connector. This eases installation and keeps your wiring looking neat and clean. The rev limiter was moved right on top of the housing for easy access to the two rotary dials to set the limit in 100 rpm increments. Inside the Digital 6AL you'll find a microprocessor that monitors and controls every firing and rev limit. The circuits are updated with efficient components that help the ignition produce more power while drawing less current! In fact, the new Digital 6AL delivers over 530 volts to the coil with up to 135mJ of spark energy for every firing! Increased output combined with MSD's proven multiple spark series is a win-win situation! The new Digital 6AL are supplied with the wiring harness and the components you'll need for installation.

The 6AL is also supplied with vibration mounts. Both ignitions are compatible on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines with 12-volt, negative ground electrical systems. They'll accept trigger inputs from breaker points, amplifiers and magnetic pickups. This is MSD's most popular performance distributor! The housing is machined from a billet of 6061-T6 aluminum on a state-of-the-art CNC machine producing exact tolerances.

For high rpm stability, a. 500 steel shaft is supported by a sealed ball bearing and a long sintered bushing.

This shaft also receives a QPQ coating for friction reduction and resistance to corrosion. A precision machined reluctor is attached to the shaft which triggers the magnetic pick-up mounted in the housing. This high output magnetic pick-up is the most accurate way to trigger your ignition. Plus, with no moving parts to wear or adjust, the pick-up is maintenance free! Just above the pick-up is MSD's adjustable mechanical advance assembly.

Different springs and stop bushings are supplied so you can tune an advance curve to match your application. 8.5mm Super Conductor Wire Set. The MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Wire is "the" performance wire.

Engineered from the inside out, the 8.5 offers everything you have ever wanted in a wire; incredibly low resistance without electronic interference! In a single 12 length of Super Conductor Wire there is only 40 - 50 ohms of resistance! That is the lowest resistance of any helically wound wire. To accomplish this, MSD uses a copper alloy conductor due to it's great voltage carrying capabilities. The low resistance results in less loss in spark energy so more reaches the spark plug.

The conductor is wound extremely tight around a special center core. So tight in fact, that there is over 40 feet of conductor wrapped into a single foot of plug wire.

This winding procedure, combined with a ferro-magnetic impregnated center core, produces an extremely effective Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) "choke". This choke, or suppression capability, keeps the EMI inside the wire where it cannot interfere with other electronics on your vehicle. The outer sleeve that surrounds the conductor assembly is just as impressive.

A proprietary blend of silicone and synthetic material produce a sleeve that is highly resistant to high heat as well as abrasion and tears. These wires have a Multi-Angle bendable end at the spark plug. A coil wire is included as well.

We can also supply you with a universal set where you cut and make the wire lengths yourself. These wires will come with Multi-Angle at the spark plug.

Blaster 2 Performance Ignition Coil - Part #8222. If you are looking to upgrade your stock coil, or want to compliment the performance of your MSD Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7, the Blaster Coil line is the right choice.

All of the Blaster Coils are designed for improved spark output! Special 100:1 windings are used to provide maximum build-up of voltage!

These windings are held secure and kept cool in an oil filled metal canister. The tower assembly is molded of durable alkyd material due to its high dielectric characteristics while wide spaced brass primary terminals prevent the possibility of spark. There are several versions of the Blaster Coil available. All of them have the same internal specifications, but have different housings or components.

Each Blaster Coil can be used with a stock ignition, Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7 Ignition Control. Universal Ignition Coil Bracket - Part #8213. The MSD Coil Bracket offers easy, univerĀ­sal mounting for standard size ignition coils up to 2.25 in diameter.

The Bracket uses a bolt and nut combination instead of the easily stripped self-tapping screw common on other brand brackets. Starting from a small garage in the 50's to the beautiful new 6000sq ft showroom we have today, customer service has always been a top priority. We can only process Domestic credit cards.

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  • Brand: MSD Ignition
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 90073

MSD Black Ignition Kit Digital 6AL/Distributor/Wires/Coil Chrysler 413-440 RB